It is an inordinate honor and privilege for me to welcome you to Suleman Roshan Medical College. Our goal is to produce competent doctors who have knowledge, intellect and integrity. Our intension is to provide a safe and intellectually challenging environment that will enable the students to become innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers and inspired learners, prepared to thrive in the progressive world. To achieve this goal I will advise you to keep your mind open towards knowledge of profession on a broader horizon, be prepared to be accountable for everything you do, be prepared to welcome your patients and participate in decisions about their care, be prepared to devote your professional energies not only to your patient s needs but also to unmet health needs of  societies as a whole, be prepared to work in limited resources.

The College has now shifted from the traditional method of teaching to that of modular methods which is in practice worldwide. The administration of the College has put in a lot of efforts to improve the standards of education by hiring the best faculty for the upgradation of teaching standards.

I wish all the best to the administration, faculty and the students of this College for their future endeavors.

May Allah grant us fortitude and steadfastness to rise to the expectations of the society and the nation in a befitting manner. (Aameen)

Prof. Dr. Azam Hussain Yousifani

Chief Executive Officer